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No Driving Gloves

Buckle in as Derek, John and Will take you on a journey of the collector car hobby. Using over 75 years experience restoring, conserving and building cars. Their vast knowledge covers hot rods, sports cars, brass era and almost everything in between. Enjoy listening each week to their bare knuckled take on the collector car hobby.

Jan 14, 2019

YouTube legend ScottieD from ScottieDTV joins everyone for a lively conversation a wide variety of topics. This week Scottie expects to break 100,000,000 views on his channel. He talks YouTube and how it all started and the work that has been involved in getting to that point. Will discusses some the custom build he is doing for Scottie. That leads to talking about the small things, that are major forgotten expenses. How build budgets can go out of control. Without knowing Scottie guides us into further discussion about the future of the custom car hobby. On the eve of it finding a new home Will tells an unknown story about the Dart. Buckle up for an exciting ride this week!